Portable Hand Washion Station

portable hand washing station next to a line of portable toiletsWith infectious respiratory diseases like Covid-19 spreading rapidly in closed spaces, many people are preferring to hold their event in the open in Oakland, especially during summer. However one of the main disadvantages of using open spaces for events is that they do not have plumbing facilities. People spending their time in the open find that their hands are becoming dirty often. Hence to keep them keep them clean, especially before eating, they wish to wash them often. Hence having a portable hand wash station for any outdoor event, will be greatly appreciated by all those attending the event in Oakland.

The handwash station can be hired depending on the number of people who will attend the event, and their planned activities. If more people are attending the event, more than one handwash stations can be hired. To ensure that the hands of the user are not contaminating the handwash station when they use it, the handwash has a foot pump. The user has to press on the foot pump, and water will flow . When the pressure is removed on the foot pump the water will stop flowing. The client can choose the handwash station based on the water flow, how much water will be delivered when the foot pump is pressed.

The clean water which is used for cleaning is stored in the water tank of the wash station. This water tank can be easily refilled whenever it is empty or the level of water is low. Depending on the washstation model selected, the water tank capacity also varies, with a five liter water tank being the most widely used tank. The washstation also has a separate tank for the grey or dirty water produced after washing. This tank can be easily drained to empty it using a flexible drain pipe, so that the washstation can be used again. The drain pipe is removable.

The wash station can be easily assembled at the place where the event is being held, since it is well designed, and the components do not require any tools or skills for assembly. It moved to any location at the place where the event is being held based on the convenience of the user, since it is light in weight and it also has trolley with wheels. The wash station is made from high quality ABS plastic, which is water proof and durable. It will not get damaged or develop cracks even when exposed to sunlight. It can be easily wiped clean if required.

While renting the wash station, the client can opt for additional features like a liquid soap dispenser and towel stand. The soap dispenser can be automatic or manual based on the convenience of the users. The towel stand has towels for drying the hands. Clients who wish to rent the handwash station should specify the duration for which they will require the handwash station, since discounts are offered for renting the station for longer periods or multiple stations. We will also provide instructions on using the handwash stations, filling with clean water and draining the dirty water, especially for long duration rentals.