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Oakland Zoo

Oakland Zoo is very happy to welcome families in the Bay Area who are looking to experience the outdoors and learn something new while still feeling safe. The safety protocols of Oakland Zoo are based on Alameda County Public Health Department and these protocols are in place to be able to uphold the safety of the animals, the staff, and of course the guests, while inside the zoo. And what a lot of people don’t know is that the ability of Oakland Zoo to stay open and operational, greatly depends on how much people comply to these rules whenever they visit. Aside from those generic rules and protocols that must be followed when visiting Oakland Zoo, there are still other reminders that should be remembered when planning to visit the zoo soon, and these reminders will be expounded below.

One of the most important reminder is to purchase the tickets beforehand, and the best thing about doing this is that it can be done online. For Oakland Zoo to be able to accommodate all the guests wishing to visit soon, they are requiring guests to reserve their tickets online first and then purchase them eventually. On the day of the visit, it is advised that people print their tickets and even their parking pass so that it does not take too much time when attendants ask for them. If for whatever reason, one is not able to print their tickets, the next best option is to screenshot the ticket that show the bar code before leaving home so that it also won’t take a lot of time when it’s time to show the tickets.

Another important reminder when going to the Oakland Zoo is to make sure to just bring along people from your own household. Also, make sure that all of them are not sick or are not feeling any symptoms of any illness; this is because the animals inside the zoo might trigger a certain kind of sickness to anyone who isn’t feeling well to begin with. It is also good to remember that pets are not allowed inside the zoo for safety precautions as well.

Before going to Oakland Zoo, it is also a good idea to be informed that there are different refreshments and food available inside. There are different food carts that can sell various food items for people who would feel hungry while going around the zoo. More importantly, Tuskers Grill is also accepting online orders for people what to plan ahead their day and make sure that no time will be wasted in lining up. There are also playground areas where children can play and spend some time while other people are going around and enjoying the different attractions inside.

These reminders were set to help people experience the maximum amount of fun as much as possible and to also make sure that they have the best time in Oakland Zoo whether they will be visiting for the first time, or as a returning guest.

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