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Oakland Museum of California

The Mission of the Oakland Museum of California

The Oakland Museum of California, also known as OMCA, is an interdisciplinary museum focused on the cultural, environmental, and history of California, established adjacent to Oakland Street, 10th Avenue, and 11th Avenue in Oakland, California. The Oakland Museum of California is dedicated to the promotion of knowledge by sharing it with the public. With the support of donors and volunteers, OMCA seeks to provide a venue for learning about California by making knowledge accessible to everyone. OMCA’s mission is to enhance human knowledge, to enrich the lives of those who experience it, and to share that knowledge with all people who are willing to learn and be inspired by it.

To achieve its goals, OMCA has a variety of programs in place, including educational programs, film festivals, concerts, lectures, outreach programs, art exhibits, educational workshops, and social service events. The Oakland Museum of California is part of an ambitious plan, coordinated by the Bay Area chapter of the Smithsonian American Art Museum. The aim is to encourage more participation from the community through a variety of initiatives. The project is designed to enhance the Museum’s offerings, and to provide access to information for the local community.

The OMCA mission is to create a dynamic environment that inspires and teaches by connecting people of different disciplines, backgrounds, beliefs, experiences, and perceptions. The Museum believes in the need to encourage dialogue and provides opportunities for people to engage in this dialogue. The Museum offers a broad range of programs, including educational opportunities, public events, exhibitions, film festivals, concerts, lectures, educational workshops, art exhibits, cultural activities, outreach programs, and social service activities.

The Oakland Museum of California is committed to the promotion of sustainability, environmental awareness, creativity, and education. It works to enhance the quality of life and social justice of the residents of Oakland through programs, events, grants, fundraising, and collaborations with organizations and community groups. The Museum’s programs address a range of topics including arts and culture, conservation, agriculture, food, science, history, art, medicine, architecture, technology, Native American culture, Native American languages and practices, nutrition, sustainable agriculture, the environment, and more.

The mission of the Oakland Museum of California is to increase access to knowledge by promoting and presenting the best in California’s art and culture. The Museum’s mission statement reflects its commitment to educating and inspiring people across all ages by providing a platform for critical and creative inquiry, while developing and maintaining relationships with a wide array of stakeholders.

The Oakland Museum of Californian History or OMCA is a multi-faceted museum devoted to the science, art, and history of California found adjacent to Oakland Street, 10th Avenue, and 11th Avenue in Oakland, CA. It was created by the California Academy of Science and is housed in the building formerly occupied by the California Historical Society. Other exhibits include the California Academy of Fine Arts and the Museum of Modern Art.

OMCA supports a comprehensive program that educates and engages the communities to promote understanding of world issues. It promotes a culture of learning by engaging the community in hands-on learning through events, exhibitions, and conferences, and in-house programs, while building bridges and cultivating friendships that last. To learn more, visit the website.

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